Past Events

Bengaluru 1 Day

Date: February 14, 2021

Location: Bengaluru


The first live on-site rated tournament after a year-long lockdown drought, KSSA organised a Valentines Day 1-day tournament, keeping distance norms and safeguards

National Scrabble Championships 2020, Mumbai

Date: May 29, 2020

Location: Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana Club (JVPGC), Plot No U-13, N.S Road No 13, Opp. Juhu Bus Depot, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai - 50

Postponed indefinitely due to Covid lockdown

Date and Time: 29th 30th 31st May, 2020 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Venue: Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana Club (JVPGC), Plot No U-13, N.S Road No 13, Opp. Juhu Bus Depot, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai – 50

Divisions: 1) Premier (SAI Rating of 1150 & above) 
                       2) Open     (SAI Rating below 1150 and unrated players) 
Please note: Players with SAI rating below 1150 can opt to play in the Premier Division.

Format: (24 to 26 rounds) 
First Half (Australian Draw format) / Last Half (King of the Hill format)

The exact number of games would be declared at the tournament venue

Word source: Collins Scrabble Words (CSW) 2019

Entry Fee: Rs 4000 for SAI Members and Rs 4500 for Non-SAI Members

The entry fee includes lunch, tea & snacks for all the 3 days of the tournament.

Registration must be done in advance (Last Date: 15th May 2020)

Registration can be done by:
1) E-mail:- mumbaiscrabble@gmail.com

2) Calling Bhushan Pradhan on 9890767740

3) Calling Nakul Prabhu on 9820454173

Registration time: 8.30 a.m. to 9 a.m. (29th May 2020) 

Exciting cash prizes would be given to the winners of both divisions. 

Important instructions:-
• Participants are requested to bring their own scrabble board, tiles and clock to the venue
• Participants reaching the venue after 9 a.m would not be allowed to participate in the tournament
• Participants must register in advance to take part in the tournament

Goa 2020

Date: April 24, 2020

Location: Tournament cancelled

Tournament cancelled due Covid lockdown

The 17th All India Open Scrabble Championship in Goa will be held at the A/C Hall, PCCE, Verna, Goa from 24th-26th April 2020

The 3 day 24 games tournament will be rated by both WESPA and SAI.

The tournament will be of 24 Australian draw and last 7 rounds King of the Hill. CSW 2019 and WESPA rules will apply.

More details will be announced soon

Registrations: email to rajivantao@yahoo.com

Due to limited space we will be taking up to a maximum of 60 seats in total only.

Please let us know if you are below 1100 rating and would prefer playing in a separate Division when registering – we may have 2 divisions if the numbers are enough.

Registered players:

Radhika MahalingaiahBLR
Sanjoy GuptaBLR
Ekansh AroraDelhi
Anthony GomesGoa
Douglas LoboGoa
Jackie FernandesGoa
Joe RodriguesGoa
Rajiv AntaoGoa
Ronilla KatariaGoa
Savio PintoGoa
Savio RebelloGoa
Sylvia CoelhoGoa
Rajeev MenonHyderabad
Asha Namdev KamathMumbai
Bhushan PradhanMumbai
Carolann PaisMumbai
Nakul PrabhuMumbai
Sherwin RodriguesMumbai
Charles CarneiroOSI
Ralph LoboOSI
Selwyn LoboOSI
Mangala BhandarkarPune
Bharath BalakrishnanUSA

Vadodara Polyset All India Open Scrabble Tournament 2020

Start date: February 28, 2020

End date: March 1, 2020

Location: Vadodara

Polyset Plastics Pvt Ltd in association with Vadodara Scrabble Club and SAI present ,


Div A Final results after 25 rounds:

1Udayan Grover17+1204
2Rahil Parkar17+1191
3Sunny Bhatia17+981
4Madhav Gopal Kamath15.5+1210
5Hriday Samtani15+421
6Sumeet Sachdev14(+0)+1740(+0)
7Bhushan Pradhan14+523
8Karen Richards14-27
9Kala Ganesh14-206
10Nikheel Ruparel13.5-22
11Sudhir Kamath13+671
12Carolann Pais13+436
13Harvinderjit Bhatia12(+1)+257(+1)
14Rekha Sanzgiri12(+1)+138(+1)
15Neeta Bhatia13-488
16Rustom Deboo11(+1)+442(+1)
17Aruna Grover11(+1)-189(+1)
18Mazher Qureshi11(+1)-496(+1)
19Abhay Sharma11(+1)-778(+1)
20Vimisha Patel10.5(+1)-256(+1)
21Archana Aggarwal10(+1)-88(+1)
22Abhijit Shilotri10(+1)-560(+1)
23Dev Rishi10(+1)-684(+1)
24Collin Pereira9.5(+1)-565(+1)
25Hema Shah9(+1)-761(+1)
26Dhaval Rathod7(+2)-1104(+2)
27Karthikeyan Jayashan1(+2)-2990(+2)

Bye treatment explained in brackets

High game:Rahil Parkar630

Results of Newbie oen division:

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+986Sneha Thadani (#6)1W:413-307:#1
26–1+490Nandini Sonthalia (#15)2W:385-340:#10
35–2+450Ushma Maniar (#2)1W:312-301:#14
45–2+363Kirti Jain (#1)2L:307-413:#6
54–3+898Amogh Bhamerkar (#8)2W:460-309:#11
64–3+405Shivam Muchhadiya (#10)1L:340-385:#15
74–3+291Neel Navin (#9)2W:388-191:#4
84–3−280Dev Sevra (#11)1L:309-460:#8
93–4+872Yuvraj Dighe (#7)1W:525-172:#5
103–4−180Gaurika Jayashankar (#14)2L:301-312:#2
113–4−240Devi Menon (#13)bye
123–4−669Ayaana Patel (#3)1W:203-62:#12
133–4−749Oorja Bhow (#5)2L:172-525:#7
142–5−1107Hridi Talati (#4)1L:191-388:#9
151–6−1005Anika Menon (#12)2L:62-203:#3

Vadodara Scrabble Club in association with the Scrabble Association of India presents its first ever All India Scrabble Tournament, from 28th February 2020 till 1st March 2020.

The tournament will be rated by SAI and Divisions A & B will be rated by WESPA

Start Date: 28.2.2020, 9.00 am

End Date: 1.3.2020, 5.00pm

24 games to be played of 50 minutes each, 5 point penalty for challenge, player does not lose a turn.

Word source: CSW19

Participants to bring their own boards, tiles, clocks and racks.


A Division : SAI rating above 1000

B Division : SAI rating 999 and below

By Public Demand , announcing a 1 day Newbie Division/ Div C

Maximum of 7 games to be played .
Reporting time 8.30 am on 1st March

Newbie Registration 1000 for sai member and non members

1st 5000
2nd 3000
3rd 1500

1 day , 7 games

Eligibility : first timers , SAI rating below 600


A & B Rs 3500 for all SAI members

Rs 4000 for non-members, spot and registrations after 15th Feb

Fees inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and Tea for all 3 days

Reporting time is 9.00 am on 28th February. Games to start at sharp 9.30 on 28th Feb.

To Register

Contact Vimisha Patel on +919825164654, vimisha.patel@gmail.com

Mention Scrabble registration in subject for emails


                             DIV  A                         DIV B

1st Prize              15,000                       10,000

2nd Prize             10,000                        8,000

3rd Prize               7,500                          6,000

4th Prize               5,000                          4,000

5th Prize               3,000                          2,000

6th Prize               2,000                          1,500

7th Prize               1,500                          1,000

In addition there will be 4 Band Prizes and multiple spot prizes .

Certificates for all participants along with token gift from Vadodara Scrabble Club.

Payment Details

Vadodara Scrabble Club

Acc No : 003101401009011


Bank Name : Pragati Sahakari Bank

                        Nizampura , Vadodara

Account Type : Savings Account

Kindly send a snapshot of payment to Vimisha Patel.


The Ginger Hotel, K10 hospitality, Race course, Opposite Natubhai Circle, Vadodara

Special rates have been negotiated with the Hotel for rooms for our Scrabble Players .

Single Room: 2499  for 1 night

Double Room: 2999  for 1 night

Deluxe Room: 3200 for 1 night

Contact Mr Vivek Rajput on  91 7228096681 or Vimisha on +919825164654.

Rates inclusive of Breakfast and all taxes .

About Vadodara

The cultural capital of Gujarat, Vadodara is a beautiful city. It boasts of several heritage structures in the vicinity and now the world’s tallest statue, The Statue of Unity is only about 90mins drive away. Plan for 1 day extra if you wish to see the marvels of our city.

Vadodara is well connected by Rail, Air and Roads to all the major cities of India. Vadodara has direct flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. There are direct overnight trains from Pune, Goa and Mumbai also. For people from Goa and Pune who wish to travel by Air, they can choose Ahmedabad as their destination and come to Vadodara by road (2.5 hrs. drive)

For any further queries please contact Vimisha Patel.

Hope to see you in large numbers !!!!

Mumbai 1 Day Feb 2020

Date: February 25, 2020

Final Results from round 8

1Varisht Hingorani6+908
2Carolann Pais6+629
3Samrath Singh Bhatia6+331
4Vimisha Patel6+135
5Jose de Abreu5.5+328
6Nikheel Ruparel5+286
7Rahil Parkar5+149
8Kala Ganesh5+104
9Sanjay Bijlani5+58
10Phil Paes5-230
11Sumeet Sachdev4+489
12Vedika Hingorani4+305
13Caryl Gonsalvez4+15
14Rustom Deboo4-34
15PC Jose4-245
16Collin Pereira4-317
17Mazher Qureshi3.5+60
18Rekha Sanzgiri3+120
19Parvathy Raghunathan3-2
20Harvinderjit Bhatia3-127
21Neeta Bhatia3-282
22Saraswathi Ramm3-317
23Karthikeyan Jayashan3-461
24Arvind Iyengar2-151
25Sneha Thadhani2-187
26Rupa Ramanathan0-1564
High game:Carolann Pais590

Mu Sigma International Scrabble Tournament 2020

Start date: January 9, 2020

End date: January 12, 2020

Location: Musigma Campus, Bangalore

Live coverage: indianscrabble.com/games/mu-sigma-2020/

Karnataka State Scrabble Association

386, 11th A cross, 25th main, JP nagar 1st phase,

Bangalore – 560078

Karnataka, India

Mu Sigma International Scrabble Tournament 2020

Mu Sigma, in association with Karnataka State Scrabble Association (KSSA), is proud to announce the 16th International Scrabble Tournament to be held in Mu Sigma campus in Bangalore from January 9 – 12, 2020

January  9, 10, 11, 12,  2020

Venue: Musigma Campus, Bangalore.
Address: 10th floor, Aviator building, ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066,  Karnataka, India

A Division (WESPA rating 1301 and above)

1st prize   –  Rs.2,80,000
2nd prize –  Rs.1,50,000
3rd prize  –  Rs 90,000
4th prize  –  Rs.60,000
5th prize  –  Rs.45,000
6th prize  –  Rs.35,000
7th prize  –  Rs.30,000
8th prize  –  Rs.25,000
9th prize  –  Rs.20,000
10th prize – Rs.15,000

Three ratings band prizes of Rs.2,000 each (slab to be announced later) Entry fee: US $ 100

B Division (Eligibility-WESPA rating 951- 1300)

1st prize   –  Rs. 50,000
2nd prize –  Rs. 40,000
3rd prize  –  Rs. 30,000
4th prize  –  Rs. 25,000
5th prize  –  Rs. 20,000
6th prize  –  Rs. 15,000
7th prize  –  Rs. 10,000
8th prize  –  Rs. 7,000
9th prize  –  Rs. 6,000
10th prize – Rs.5,000

Three ratings band prizes of Rs.2,000 each (slab to be announced later)

Entry fee: US $ 50

C Division (Eligibility WESPA rating 601 – 950)

1st prize – Rs. 12,000

2nd prize – Rs.10,000

3rd prize – Rs. 8,000

4th prize – Rs. 7,000

5th prize – Rs. 6,000

6th prize – Rs. 5,000

7th prize – Rs. 4,000

8th prize – Rs. 3,000

Three ratings band prizes of Rs.2,000 each (slab to be announced later)

Entry Fee: Rs, 1,500 or equivalent in USD (This division is subject to sufficient registrations or players will be merged with B division)

D Division (Eligibility-Newbies to tournaments or SAI/WESPA rating less than 600).

1st prize – Rs.  7,000

2nd prize – Rs. 5,000

3rd prize – Rs. 4,000

4th prize – Rs. 3,000

5th prize – Rs. 2,000

This division is subject to sufficient registrations. Entry fee: Rs. 1,000.

A maximum of 34 games of 50 minutes each will be played over four days (A, B and C divisions).
A maximum of 15 games of 50 minutes each will be played over two days Jan 11 and 12th (D/Newbie division)
Word source will be the latest Collins Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List 2019.
Challenge: 5-point penalty per word, the player does not lose turn.

Thursday, January 9, 2020 (Division A, B and C)
8.30- 9 am- Registration
9.00 am – 9.30 am-Inauguration and draw.
9.30 am – First Game
Eight/Nine games to be played during the day.

Games will continue on subsequent days.

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 (Division D)

8.30- 9 am- Registration
9.00 am – 9.30 am-Inauguration and draw.
9.30 am – First Game
Eight/Nine games to be played during the day.

Games will continue on Sunday.

Complimentary vegetarian breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided on all four days of the tournament.

Entry fee can be paid online to the following bank account:


Account name: Karnataka State Scrabble Association

Account number: 50100265175859

Type of account: Savings

IFSC code: HDFC0000133


To register please fill out the form provided in the link below. (if the link does not open, please cut paste the url on to your browser)


If you require any clarifications you can mail  Hema Shah, at KSSA.Scrabble@gmail.com or call on Phone No: +919663312906/ +919739890000


  1. WESPA/SAI ratings as on December 1, 2019 would be considered for determining which division a player can play in. WESPA rating would be considered first and only if a player does not have a WESPA rating and has SAI rating then SAI rating would be considered.
  2. A player can play in a division above his/her current ranking, but cannot play in a division below his eligibility
  3. Prize structures are subject to change.


Start date: November 22, 2019

End date: November 24, 2019

Location: *THE BARK - An Art Hotel* Plot No. 5 & 6, Old Tungarli, Behind Hotel Fariyas, Parshwapuram, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401.

A tourney with a difference!
Away from the city hustle and bustle Set amidst Art and Greenery!
Scrabble by day,party by night!!

Wordaholix is proud to announce the 6th edition of the Wordaholix Scrabble League on 22, 23 & 24 November 2019, India’s first ‘Offsite’ Team Tourney in Lonavla, Maharashtra.

The winners of WSL VI Team Hyderabad EBAUCHE

Individual standings after 25 rounds:

1Udayan Grover23+2898
2Rahil Parkar20+2263
3Samrath Singh Bhatia19+1505
4Sunny Bhatia18+2316
5Pankaj Bolaki18+1315
6Bhushan Pradhan18+415
7Selwyn Lobo17+1422
8Varisht Hingorani17+1303
9Shaikh Ahmed17+1222
10Sujana Somasekar17+798
11Sanjay Bijlani17+593
12Mangala Bhandarkar16+980
13Kala Ganesh16+25
14Carolann Pais15+1356
15Ishika S15+210
16Vedika Hingorani15+45
17Siddharth Nithyanand14+361
18Saraswathi Ramm14+243
19Radhika Mahalingaiah14+241
20Rekha Sanzgiri14+63
21Rustom Deboo14-134
22R Nalini13+246
23Neena Shahani13+50
24Phil Paes13-449
25V Ramachandran12+86
26Rehet Singh Bhatia12+34
27Hyder Quraishi12-288
28Meena Kalyan12-428
29Ela Ghose11-11
30Nikheel Ruparel11-486
31Vimisha Patel11-722
32Shankar Prasad10-382
33Caryl Gonsalvez10-412
34Romilla Thakur10-790
35Asha Namdev Kamath10-1028
36Abid Hussain9-94
37Abhijit Shilotri9-459
38Abdul Waheed9-579
39Harvinderjit Bhatia9-863
40Patrick Pereira8-800
41Ritu Chadha8-1540
42Sumeet Sachdev7-357
43Vandana Grover7-1216
44Viji Ramachandran7-1300
45Sylvia Coelho7-1302
46Aruna Grover5-1600
47Parvathy Raghunathan5-2230
48Manisha Mohite2-2520
High game:Selwyn Lobo617

Venue:THE BARK – An Art Hotel
Plot No. 5 & 6,
Old Tungarli,
Behind Hotel Fariyas, Parshwapuram, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401.

Fees:₹9000 – All Inclusive

A) 2 night accommodation on twin-sharing basis.

B) Lunch,dinner and evening tea from Friday lunch onwards till Sunday evening tea.

C) Buffet Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

(Assured cash prize of ₹2500 per player as per set precedent!)

Payments can be made by depositing the same in the following bank account :
Wordaholix Mindfield LLP,
A/c No: 036605001359
IFSC code is ICIC0000366
ICICI Bank, Juhu Branch.

Or by cheque in favour of
Wordaholix Mindfield LLP.

We look forward to our WSL family joining us and growing in what has become an annual family get together of Scrabble and Fun!

Warm Regards,
Team Wordaholix

Please note the following :
The essence of any offsite event is that all participants stay under one roof, i.e. The Bark, an Art Hotel
The registration amount of ₹9000 is for both the tourney as well as stay and meals. There will be no additional amount charged for the tourney
₹2500 is the minimum assured amount that every player will get back at the end of the tourney
Only players with a SAI rating

WESPAC 2019 in Goa

Start date: October 15, 2019

End date: October 20, 2019

Location: Peddem Indoor Sports Stadium, Peddem, Mapusa, Goa, India

The World English Scrabble Players Association Championship is hosted by SAI, in Goa, India 15th – 20th October 2019. We are proud to host this mega WESPA event, recognised as one of the biggest Scrabble events world-wide. Along with the main Championship events are several side events open to all. All details can be found on the WESPAC Goa website.

For a list of current players and the tournaments they are playing in Click Here

Live coverage of the tournament can be viewed here: WESPAC 2019 Live Coverage

6th GAIL Cup

Start date: August 16, 2019

End date: August 18, 2019

Location: Alpina Hotels & SuitesE-506, Block E,Greater Kailash IINew Delhi-110048

The 6th Gail Scrabble Cup will be held in Delhi from 16th to 18th Aug 2019.

Scrabble Association of Delhi is pleased to announce the 6th GAIL SCRABBLE CUP to be held at Delhi from 16-18 August, 2019.

Venue:Alpina Hotels & SuitesE-506, Block E,Greater Kailash IINew Delhi-110048

There will be three divisions.

Div A :24 games.Eligibility of SAI rating 1100 and above.3 day tournament.SAI & WESPA rated

Div B: 24 games. Eligibility of SAI rating below 1100.3 day tournament.SAI & WESPA rated

Newbie Div: 7 games.Eligibility of SAI rating below 700.This will be a 1 day tournament especially for new players and will be held on 17 August,2019 at this same venue. SAI rated.

Any one wishing to play in a Div above/higher  his/her Div in accordance to their ratings, is most welcome to do so.

Div B: 24 games. Eligibility of SAI rating below 1100.3 day tournament.SAI & WESPA rated
Newbie Div: 7 games.Eligibility of SAI rating below 700.This will be a 1 day tournament especially for new players and will be held on 17 August,2019 at this same venue. SAI rated.Any one wishing to play in a Div above/higher  his/her Div in accordance to their ratings, is most welcome to do so.

We have negotiated for Special rates for accomodations at this venue itself as  given below.Scrabblers are requested  to check and  make bookings here or elsewhere on their own via any platform suitable to them.

Pooja Vats(8527011555) Business development manager

Alpina Hotels & Suites Pvt. Ltd. 

E 506, GK-II  , Savitri Cinema  Road, Opposite JMD Kohinoor Mall,New Delhi – 110048 Contact – +91-11-40405555

 Website :- www.alpinahotels.com

Special Tariff if the guest stays for three days inclusive of taxes :

 Deluxe Single @ 3000 + Tax (Total Rs. 3540 x 3 = 10620/- ) & Double room @ 3500 + Tax ( Total Rs 4130 x 3 = 12390 /-)  

 Premium Single @ 3500 + Tax ( Total Rs 4130 x 3 =12390/-)  & Double room @ 4000 + Tax ( Total Rs 4720 x = 14160/-)   

Special Tariff if the guest stays for One day inclusive of taxes :

 Deluxe Single @ 3500 + Tax (Total Rs. 4130  ) & Double room @ 4000 + Tax ( Total Rs 4720  /-)  

 Premium Single @ 4000 + Tax ( Total Rs 4720 )  & Double room @ 4500 + Tax ( Total Rs 5310/-)   

 Above rates are inclusive of breakfast ,Wifi & Mineral water .Prizes great ,as always. Spot prizes aplenty.Delhi hospitality & food at its best too!
Come and be a part of this mega extravaganza ; Challo Dilli!Registrations are open.You may do so by mail/Whatsapp/Call.


Start date: July 19, 2019

End date: July 21, 2019

Location: The Poona Club (Amphitheatre), 5, Bund Garden Road, Pune, India

Congratulations Nakul! Final Results after 24 rounds:

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