The elections of the new Managing Committee of SAI concluded on 18/11/2020 and the 7 members elected are: Harry Bhatia, Rahil Parkar, Rajiv Antao, Rustom Deboo, Sudhir Kamath, Udayan Grover and Vimisha Patel. The first meeting of the new committee was held on 21/11/2020 and the designations allotted after the handover was taken from the outgoing committee as per the extract below.

Extract from the minutes of the SAI Managing Committee held on 21st Nov 2020:

After due discussion and mutual consensus among the newly elected committee members, the following constitution of the committee was decided upon:

President – Mr. Sudhir Kamath

Vice-President – Mr. Rahil Parkar

Secretary – Mr. Rajiv Antao

Joint Secretary – Mr. Rustom Deboo

Treasurer – Mr. Harry Bhatia

Executive Members – Mr. Udayan Grover and Mrs. Vimisha Patel