Start date: April 19, 2024
End date: April 21, 2024
Time: 9:00 am
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The 18th All India Open Scrabble Championships, Goa will be held in the Terminal Banquets Hall, Caculo Mall, St. Inez, Goa from 19th – 21st April 2024. Details will be announced soon, but you can register early and book your tickets and stay!


Registration fee: An entry fee will be charged – lunch, morning and evening tea/coffee and light snack on all 3 days will be provided within this fee.


Friday 19th April: 9am Registration 9.45am – 6.30pm 9 games

Saturday 20th April: 9am to 6pm 9 games

Sunday 21st April: 9am to 4.15 pm 6 games 4.30pm Prize Distriubution

Current Registrations (updated15/4/2024):

Bhuvanesh SatlaBLRConfirmed
Gaurav BhargavaBLRConfirmed
Jayakishore SatlaBLRConfirmed
Manju SoodBLRConfirmed
Radhika MahalingaiahBLRTentative
Sanjoy GuptaBLRConfirmed
Siddharth NithyanandBLRConfirmed
Sujana SomasekarBLRConfirmed
Sushanto BhattacharyaBLRConfirmed
Vignesh SBLRConfirmed
Ekansh AroraDELConfirmed
Ela GhoseDELConfirmed
Madhav Gopal KamathDELConfirmed
Pramit KamathDELConfirmed
Sudhir KamathDELConfirmed
Sunny BhatiaDELConfirmed
Anthony GomesGoaConfirmed
Caroline CoelhoGoaConfirmed
Freddie D’SouzaGoaConfirmed
Jacky fernandesGoaConfirmed
Joe RodriguesGoaConfirmed
Rajiv AntaoGoaConfirmed
Ronilla katariaGoaConfirmed
Selwyn LoboGoaConfirmed
Sudharsha SubbiahGoaConfirmed
Sylvia CoelhoGoaConfirmed
Rajeev MenonHYDConfirmed
Asha Namdev KamathKERConfirmed
Arindam BasuKOLConfirmed
Aditya IyengarMUMConfirmed
Bhushan PradhanMUMConfirmed
Bhushan SarmalkarMUMConfirmed
Kala GaneshMUMConfirmed
Patrick PereiraMUMConfirmed
Rekha SanzgiriMUMConfirmed
Ritu ChadhaMUMConfirmed
Sherwin RodriguesMUMConfirmed
Aruna GroverPUNConfirmed
Mangala BhandarkarPUNConfirmed
Udayan GroverPUNConfirmed
Charles CarneiroOS (SGP)Confirmed