Criteria for WESPAC 2015 selection

Following the Nationals Mohan Chunkath and Udayan Grover have qualified to represent India in the WESPA Championships in Perth, Australia. Sherwin Rodrigues withdrew as he was unable to make it to Australia.

 The ranking based on SAI Ratings (excluding WSL) are:
Rank Location Nick Name Games Old Rating New Rating Last Rated
1 MUM SROD Sherwin Rodrigues 795 1824 1838 20150529
2 CHN MCHU Mohan Chunkath 628 1662 1774 20150529
3 PUN UGRO Udayan Grover 990 1745 1756 20150529
4 MUM VHIN Varisht Hingorani 437 1716 1736 20150529
5 CHN RCHA Ranganathan Chakrav 582 1735 1702 20150529
6 BLR SGUP Sanjoy Gupta 856 1611 1692 20150529
7 BLR PSEE Prashanth Seetharam 310 1640 1640 20150425
8 GOA IGON Irineu Gonsalves 912 1616 1621 20150529
9 GOA DLOB Douglas Lobo 859 1721 1615 20150529
10 MUM JDE Jose de Abreu 715 1593 1593 20150118
Criteria for qualification for WESPAC (erstwhile WSC) seats:
India has been allocated 2 seats at the WESPAC in Perth, Australia. We have decided to keep the selection criteria based on the  ratings, which have been well established over the last 9  years:
1. The  top 2 ranked players as per the SAI ratings at the end of the selection period, meeting the remaining criteria below will represent India at  the WESPAC.
2. The selection period will be the ‘Scrabble year’ starting after Nationals last year i.e. after 2nd June 2014 and up to the end of the Nationals this year, excluding the recently announced WSL (Wordaholix Scrabble League).
3. Only players having played a minimum of 50 games  during the selection period are eligible.
4. Only players that have played in at least 1 of the 2 major tournaments on the circuit, the iGate in Jan and the Mumbai Nationals are eligible.
5. Only players having lived in India for at least 6 months during the selection period are eligible.
6. Only SAI members are eligible – i.e. a player  should be a valid member at the end of the selection period  to be eligible.
7. In case a player who has been selected cannot attend the WSC for any reason, the same has to be informed to the managing committee within 15 days after the  Nationals. In this case the opportunity would go to the next highest ranked player fulfilling the criteria ad so forth.