Start date: February 28, 2020
End date: March 1, 2020
Location: Vadodara
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Polyset Plastics Pvt Ltd in association with Vadodara Scrabble Club and SAI present ,


Div A Final results after 25 rounds:

1Udayan Grover17+1204
2Rahil Parkar17+1191
3Sunny Bhatia17+981
4Madhav Gopal Kamath15.5+1210
5Hriday Samtani15+421
6Sumeet Sachdev14(+0)+1740(+0)
7Bhushan Pradhan14+523
8Karen Richards14-27
9Kala Ganesh14-206
10Nikheel Ruparel13.5-22
11Sudhir Kamath13+671
12Carolann Pais13+436
13Harvinderjit Bhatia12(+1)+257(+1)
14Rekha Sanzgiri12(+1)+138(+1)
15Neeta Bhatia13-488
16Rustom Deboo11(+1)+442(+1)
17Aruna Grover11(+1)-189(+1)
18Mazher Qureshi11(+1)-496(+1)
19Abhay Sharma11(+1)-778(+1)
20Vimisha Patel10.5(+1)-256(+1)
21Archana Aggarwal10(+1)-88(+1)
22Abhijit Shilotri10(+1)-560(+1)
23Dev Rishi10(+1)-684(+1)
24Collin Pereira9.5(+1)-565(+1)
25Hema Shah9(+1)-761(+1)
26Dhaval Rathod7(+2)-1104(+2)
27Karthikeyan Jayashan1(+2)-2990(+2)

Bye treatment explained in brackets

High game:Rahil Parkar630

Results of Newbie oen division:

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+986Sneha Thadani (#6)1W:413-307:#1
26–1+490Nandini Sonthalia (#15)2W:385-340:#10
35–2+450Ushma Maniar (#2)1W:312-301:#14
45–2+363Kirti Jain (#1)2L:307-413:#6
54–3+898Amogh Bhamerkar (#8)2W:460-309:#11
64–3+405Shivam Muchhadiya (#10)1L:340-385:#15
74–3+291Neel Navin (#9)2W:388-191:#4
84–3−280Dev Sevra (#11)1L:309-460:#8
93–4+872Yuvraj Dighe (#7)1W:525-172:#5
103–4−180Gaurika Jayashankar (#14)2L:301-312:#2
113–4−240Devi Menon (#13)bye
123–4−669Ayaana Patel (#3)1W:203-62:#12
133–4−749Oorja Bhow (#5)2L:172-525:#7
142–5−1107Hridi Talati (#4)1L:191-388:#9
151–6−1005Anika Menon (#12)2L:62-203:#3

Vadodara Scrabble Club in association with the Scrabble Association of India presents its first ever All India Scrabble Tournament, from 28th February 2020 till 1st March 2020.

The tournament will be rated by SAI and Divisions A & B will be rated by WESPA

Start Date: 28.2.2020, 9.00 am

End Date: 1.3.2020, 5.00pm

24 games to be played of 50 minutes each, 5 point penalty for challenge, player does not lose a turn.

Word source: CSW19

Participants to bring their own boards, tiles, clocks and racks.


A Division : SAI rating above 1000

B Division : SAI rating 999 and below

By Public Demand , announcing a 1 day Newbie Division/ Div C

Maximum of 7 games to be played .
Reporting time 8.30 am on 1st March

Newbie Registration 1000 for sai member and non members

1st 5000
2nd 3000
3rd 1500

1 day , 7 games

Eligibility : first timers , SAI rating below 600


A & B Rs 3500 for all SAI members

Rs 4000 for non-members, spot and registrations after 15th Feb

Fees inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and Tea for all 3 days

Reporting time is 9.00 am on 28th February. Games to start at sharp 9.30 on 28th Feb.

To Register

Contact Vimisha Patel on +919825164654, vimisha.patel@gmail.com

Mention Scrabble registration in subject for emails


                             DIV  A                         DIV B

1st Prize              15,000                       10,000

2nd Prize             10,000                        8,000

3rd Prize               7,500                          6,000

4th Prize               5,000                          4,000

5th Prize               3,000                          2,000

6th Prize               2,000                          1,500

7th Prize               1,500                          1,000

In addition there will be 4 Band Prizes and multiple spot prizes .

Certificates for all participants along with token gift from Vadodara Scrabble Club.

Payment Details

Vadodara Scrabble Club

Acc No : 003101401009011


Bank Name : Pragati Sahakari Bank

                        Nizampura , Vadodara

Account Type : Savings Account

Kindly send a snapshot of payment to Vimisha Patel.


The Ginger Hotel, K10 hospitality, Race course, Opposite Natubhai Circle, Vadodara

Special rates have been negotiated with the Hotel for rooms for our Scrabble Players .

Single Room: 2499  for 1 night

Double Room: 2999  for 1 night

Deluxe Room: 3200 for 1 night

Contact Mr Vivek Rajput on  91 7228096681 or Vimisha on +919825164654.

Rates inclusive of Breakfast and all taxes .

About Vadodara

The cultural capital of Gujarat, Vadodara is a beautiful city. It boasts of several heritage structures in the vicinity and now the world’s tallest statue, The Statue of Unity is only about 90mins drive away. Plan for 1 day extra if you wish to see the marvels of our city.

Vadodara is well connected by Rail, Air and Roads to all the major cities of India. Vadodara has direct flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. There are direct overnight trains from Pune, Goa and Mumbai also. For people from Goa and Pune who wish to travel by Air, they can choose Ahmedabad as their destination and come to Vadodara by road (2.5 hrs. drive)

For any further queries please contact Vimisha Patel.

Hope to see you in large numbers !!!!