Criteria for qualification for WESPAC (erstwhile WSC) 2017 seats:

Sherwin Rodrigues, Goutham Jayaraman and Ranganathan Chakrav will represent India. India has been allocated 3 seats at the WESPAC in Nairobi, Kenya. We have decided to keep the selection criteria based on the  ratings, which have been well established over the last 9  years: 

1. The  top 3 ranked players as per the SAI ratings at the end of the selection period, meeting the remaining criteria below will represent India at  the WESPAC.
2. The selection period will be the ‘Scrabble year’ starting after Nationals last year i.e. after 2nd June 2016 and up to the end of the Nationals this year.
3. Only players having played a minimum of 60 games  during the selection period are eligible.
4. Only players that have played in at least 1 of the 2 tournaments: the Capgemini in Jan and the Mumbai Nationals to be held in May will be eligible.
5. Must be an Indian National i.e. with Indian Passport holder irrespective of residence period in the country.
6. Only SAI members are eligible – i.e. a player  should be a valid member at the end of the selection period  to be eligible.
7. Note that players have to be willing to cover their own costs for the tournament
8. In case a player who has been selected cannot attend the WSC for any reason, the same has to be informed to the managing committee within 15 days after the  Nationals. In this case the opportunity would go to the next highest ranked player fulfilling the criteria and so forth.
Following the Mumbai Nationals, the top 10 on the Indian ratings are below. Those in Italics/ below strike-through  do NOT meet the selection criteria for the WESPAC, hence will not be considered for a seat. As above, the top 3 i.e. Sherwin, Goutham and Ranga have been selected, and the others will be on stand-by in case of any drop-out for whatever reason.
Rank Nick Location Name Junior? Games Old Rating New Rating Last Rated
1 SROD MUM Sherwin Rodrigues   1086 1909 1862 20170526
2 ABHA OSI Akshay Bhandarkar   484 1731 1731 20170115
3 GJAY OSI Goutham Jayaraman   258 1671 1726 20170526
4 RCHA CHN Ranganathan Chakrav   716 1775 1711 20170526
5 MCHU CHN Mohan Chunkath   828 1601 1700 20170526
6 RLOB OSI Ralph Lobo   186 1698 1698 20170429
7 UGRO PUN Udayan Grover   1298 1818 1688 20170526
8 NPRA MUM Nakul Prabhu   1135 1779 1682 20170526
9 VHIN MUM Varisht Hingorani   711 1602 1636 20170526
10 JDE MUM Jose de Abreu   831 1556 1599 20170526