A couple of announcements following decisions passed in the SAI management committee meeting held in Bangalore 13/1/2017 :

A. Change in Membership Fees:
The membership fees of SAI have been revised as below:
i) Life Membership: Rs.3000.00
ii) New Annual Membership: Rs.500.00
iii) Annual Membership renewals: Rs.400
Life membership fee is effective immediately while annual membership is effective for the year 2017-18 i.e. starting 1st April 2017.
All current annual members have an option of changing to life membership at the old rate i.e. Rs.1500, until day 1 of the Mumbai Nationals in May 2017.
There have been a couple of people who have paid annual membership 17-18 in advance. The new rates will apply for these members but  they will have the option of paying the difference in the annual fee, or the difference to become a life member.
B. Change in SAI Ratings/ Rankings (as displayed on the website):
i) For a player to be rated he must have played at least one rated tournament in the last year
ii) Residence requirement is dropped, as such a player can have both a ranking and rating irrespective of number of months residence in the country in the year. However only Indian Passport holders will be ranked, non-Indian will be still marked as OS (Overseas player) with no ranking. As such OCI card holder members will also be marked as OS and not have a ranking although ratings will be shown.
iii) As before only SAI members will be rated or ranked
We have also frozen the WESPAC selection criteria which will be announced in a separate mail.
I request all member players who are overseas to let me know individually as to the nature of their passport