Date: March 21, 2021

Results from round 8

1*Madhav Gopal Kamath6+706   table 1Sunny Bhatia
2Sunny Bhatia6+537   table 1*Madhav Gopal Kamath
3*Sudhir Kamath6+513   table 2Pramit Kamath
4Pramit Kamath6+510   table 2*Sudhir Kamath
5Ekansh Arora5+239   table 3*Sumeet Sachdev
6*Sumeet Sachdev5-63   table 3Ekansh Arora
7Sarbani Rath4.5+60   table 4*Archana Aggarwal
8*Archana Aggarwal4.5-87   table 4Sarbani Rath
9*Ela Ghose4+503   table 5Shreyas Gupta
10Shreyas Gupta4+162   table 5*Ela Ghose
11Shalini Sahdev4-182   table 6*Amrita Dasgupta
12*Amrita Dasgupta3.5-248   table 6Shalini Sahdev
13Siddharth Nithyanand3+43   table 7*Akshay Hiremath
14*Akshay Hiremath2.5-379   table 7Siddharth Nithyanand
15Raymond K2.5-496   table 8*Mudit Gupta
16*Mudit Gupta2.5-902   table 8Raymond K
17Marisha Sharma2-135   table 9*Neelanjana Bid
18*Neelanjana Bid1-781   table 9Marisha Sharma

The player with the asterisk plays first.

High game:Pramit Kamath596