The Scrabble Association of India provides ratings for tournaments across India. We have revised the criteria for rating of tournaments, and host associations/organisers can apply for any tournament to be rated, which meets the following criteria:

– A minimum of 7 games and 12 players
– Tournaments should follow the WESPA rules (ref.
– An experienced Tournament Director who ensures that all WESPA rules are followed
– At least 50% of the players have to be SAI-rated
– All pairings and results to be compiled and provided electronically (e.g., TSH / Au Pair)
– Rating fees to be paid: 1day- Rs.50, 2days- Rs.100, 3 days – Rs.150, 4 days and above – Rs.250  per player. Note that Rating fees are to be paid for all players in a tournament regardless of whether they are SAI members or not.
– Actual acceptance for a tournament to be rated is at the discretion of the SAI Managing Committee.