Criteria for WESPAC 2019

Please find below the qualification criteria for the WESPAC 2019 to be held in Goa:

1. The  top 7 ranked players as per the SAI ratings at the end of the selection period, meeting the remaining criteria below will represent India at  the WESPAC.
2. The selection period will be the ‘Scrabble year’ starting after last Nationals i.e. after 2nd June 2018 and up to the end of the Mumbai Nationals 2019.
3. Only players having played a minimum of 60 games  during the selection period are eligible.
4. Only players that have played in at least 1 of the 2 tournaments: the Capgemini in Jan and the Mumbai Nationals to be held in May will be eligible.
5. Must be an Indian National i.e. with Indian Passport holder irrespective of residence period in the country.
6. Only SAI members are eligible – i.e. a player  should be a valid member at the end of the selection period  to be eligible.
7. Note that players have to be willing to cover their own costs for the tournament
8. In case a player who has been selected cannot attend the WSC for any reason, the same has to be informed to the managing committee within 15 days after ratings post Nationals are declared. In this case the opportunity would go to the next highest ranked player fulfilling the criteria and so forth.