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SAI Announcements

Ratings levy

SAI has decided to impose a rating/tournament levy of Rs.100 per player for any SAI-rated tournament. Organisers of fully sponsored tournaments such as iGate/ Bayer Nationals/GAIL, may make contributions over and above this if funds allow, and are urged to continue at the same level they have been contributing in the past. It may be noted that SAI has very limited funding and depends on funding from these tournaments.

Membership fee changes

A couple of announcements following decisions passed in the SAI management committee meeting held in Bangalore 13/1/2017 :

A. Change in Membership Fees:

Criteria for WESPAC 2017 selection

Criteria for qualification for WESPAC (erstwhile WSC) 2017 seats:

Sherwin Rodrigues, Goutham Jayaraman and Ranganathan Chakrav will represent India. India has been allocated 3 seats at the WESPAC in Nairobi, Kenya. We have decided to keep the selection criteria based on the  ratings, which have been well established over the last 9  years: